Kishiwada Castle

Current Kishiwada castle

画像 画像
Kishiwada castle towering in front of Kishiwada higt school.
The castle has third layer, and there are many document about Kishiwada Castle inside.
But this castle was rebuilt, the old Kishiwada Castle had fifth lsyer.

About Kishiwada

First we will introduce Kishiwada Town which has Kishiwada Castle, before to explain about Kishiwada Castle.

・This and that about Kishiwada Town

  • Location:Osaka southwest
  • Total area:72.24 square kilometer
  • population:199200 (2010)
  • Above sea level:0.0meter~865.7meter
  • Mountain:Mount Izumi Katsuragi, Mount Ushitaki, Mount Kono
  • Rivers:Ushitaki River, Haruki River, Tsuda River
  • Pond:Kumeda Pond
  • ・Manufacturing industry of Kishiwada

    After Edo period, Kishiwada Town was flourshed by cultivation of cotton.
    So, textile industry was mainly manufacturing industry.
    But, to more the number of Import volume, to more decrease the number of factory.
    In 1966, Osaka Iron metal housing complex was built by landfilling,
    and Osaka wood Industrial complex was built along the Tadaoka Town(adjacent Kishiwada Town).
    In addition to, industry of lens is famous, and especially cover glass of microscope accounted 90% of domestic market share.

    ・Agriculture of Kishiwada

    Rice cultivation, onion, eggplant, bamboo shoot, orange has been actively cultivated.
    Also most amount of peach is grown for Osaka in Kanechika Town.
    Recent year, it has been actively cultivated onion. But development of residential area was done,
    so many farmer went out of business and field reduced.
    Danjiri festival Danjiri festival that has continued for 300 years from 1703 is the biggest festival in Kishiwada. So many people in Kishiwada join this festival.
    The origin of this festival is Inaka festival that taken pkaced by Chojiri Okabe who was feudal lord of Kishiwada clan.
    Running people who has rope, and diverting a heavy four-wheeled cart called ‘’Yarimawashi’’ is a point worthy, so many people come to Kishiwada to see it.
    This festival has a higt profile in Japan, and 60milion people come Kishiwada in 2days held this festival every year.

    Chronological of kishiwada castle

    The history of Building

    Now, look at chronological table.
    Chronological table of kishiwada castle
    The Christian era main event
    1334 Takaie wada who is chief administrator build the castle near Mt.teruhi.
    1382 The castle was build at the present location.
    1827 The castle tower was burned by thunder.
    1954 The castle tower was made again.
    1992 The Great repair of the kishiwada castle of the Heisei.

    This table is very simple, and says important things about building.

    We explain the history in detail below.

    Back and forth the first year of Gensei(1334),
    Takaie Wada built the first kishiwada castle which was located about 500 meters away from the resent castle.
    At the time, it was said “kishinoshiro”.
    Later, Taigi Shinnou build the castle at the present place
    It was rebuilt as Hideyoshi Hashiba’s main base,
    and Hiddemasa Koide attached five roof.
    The posture and base of the castle was maintained when Yasushige Matsuhira,
    and, when Katsumasa Okabe, “sotobori” and “teramachi” was made.
    1827, the castle tower was burned.
    After the happening, it wasn’t rebuilt more than 100 years,
    it was made to ruin and left unused.

    The kishiwada castle was located in the hill called “ibuseyama”,
    and called “tikirijo” because of the looks.
    And it has been known as the shrine of matchmaking.

    The history of feudal lord

    Kishiwada is located in Osaka-“Tenka no daidokoro”, and it was very important.
    Katsumasa Okabe was appointed to watch the moving of “kisyuhan”.
    But it used to prevent the Osaka side.
    Kishiwdahan and Ozakihan were obliged to prevent Osaka.

    Castle tower of Japanese castle

    In the first place, how the castles is?
    Castle including castle tower, fence and moat.
    Castle is wide range from moated settlements built in ancient to the castle built in modern.
    In here, we will introduce castles built by ruler like samurai.

    Middle ages

    Heian・Kamakura Period
    The castle of the Heian and Kamakura Period is has been derived from building the barricade when people stuck inside the mountain.

    Sengoku Period
    The castle called ‘’Yamaziro’’ is built often in initial period.
    Yamaziro has castle on the mountain and residence under the mountain.
    Castle on the mountain is defenses, and ruler usually lived in residence.
    So, Yanaziro is has excellent defense, but be difficult to politics.
    ‘’Hiraziro’’ was being mainly from the middle period.
    Hraziro is built on level ground.

    Early modern period

    Muromachi・Aduchimomoyama・Edo Period
    It began to build so-called ‘’Japanese Castle’’ which has layer a castle tower, scaffold and castle gate.
    Appearance was also became important, and be expressed the proud of ruler.
    From Edo period, it was important to be building for political than militant stronghold.
    We will handle about these castle in this website.

    So, you will can understand, Castle has castle tower, scaffold,
    castle gate, palace, warehouse, stone wall and moat.

    Castle tower

    Then, we will introduce castle tower which is main of castle.
    Castle tower is main building. Castle tower is military facility, but be instilling a lot of money,
    material and human resources. Namely, it flaunt authority of ruler.
    Almost castle tower was not used as living space.
    Ruler lived and be political in palace, so castle tower was used to storeroom.

    We will create old Kishiwada cstle tower this time.

    The original form

    The document of Castle tower is need to create 3D model of old Kishiwada Castle.

    But, we examined various document, we could not found description and picture about old Kishiwada castle.
    (This picture is one of document which is in KIshiwada high school.
    It shows us the old castle has fifth layer, but we cannot know about old Kishiwada castle crearly. )

    Document about old Kishiwada castle that was a reference in the 3D models created

    ・Current Kishiwada castle: Castle museum. And unknown at the old Kishiwada castle I have to reference the current Kishiwada castle.
    ・Kishikore: Picture of the old Kishiwada castle tower.
    ・”Kishiwada castle now old” : Pamphlet that we got in Kishiwada castle.
    ”Kishiwada castle is the symbol of history and Danjiri of town”
    (to outside cite):It’s Website about reconstruction of the current Kishiwada castle.

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