Creating record

Creation process

In this page, we will explain the creation process of 3D model of old KIshiwada Castle.

Table of contents
Date Major tasks (layer=the number of roof)
7/30 To created about shape of castle
7/31・8/3 To start to creating tiles of fifth layer , and trim the shape of castle
8/19・8/21 To add tiles to fifth layer , and complete five-layer
9/3・9/10 To create fourth and third layer ,and create first layer
9/17 To add windows , and the castle is complete
extra Finishing touches
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coordinating the foundation,adding the "Tidorihahu"(千鳥破風)

We coordinated the foundation , and create the "Tidorihahu"

画像 画像

tiles of fifth layer

Then we started to creating the fifth layer in detail.
(For example,tiles , windows , doors)

Tiles, we wanted to make "Hongawarabuki"(本瓦葺)(a way to cover a roof with tiles)
but it was very difficult for us, so we made columns instead of tiles.
画像a column
画像grawing up
画像covoring the roof

We didnt make enough tiles, but the 3D model looked caslte a little.

画像 画像

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