Compare with current Kishiwada Castle and old of that.

In this page , current Kishiwada Castle tower and old of that , using the 3D models we made.
Of course , there is the difference of internal structureand and building materials.
But,we will explain the things shows 3D models here.
(From below,we call Kishiwada Castle tower to ``Kishiwada Castle``)

3D model of inferior to current Kishiwada Castle

After we making the 3D model of old Kishiwada Castle , we remaked the 3D model of current Kishiwada Castle using the knowhow of that.
画像 画像
Degree of perfection of this is inferior to the 3D model of old castle , but this is show you rough shape and size.

Compare with both 3D models.

We will both 3D models side by side next to each other.
(Right is current Kishiwada Castle , left is old Kishiwada Castle)
画像 画像

Height and number of layer of both 3D models.

When you look 3D models, you will notice the difference of height first.
The height of current Kishiwada Castle is about 22 meters , against that of old castle is about 32.4 meters.
So , old Kishiwada Castle was 10 meters taller than current castle.
Also , the top floor of old Kishiwada Castle is as tall as the roof of current Kishiwada Castle.
People probably can overlook the town of Kishiwada wider in old castle than now.
The height is affected by the number of layers , current Kishiwada Castle is three-layer , and old Kishiwada Castle was five-layer.
(Layer is the number of roof.)

↑Kishiwada high school we can see at current Kishiwada Castle . If there is old Kishiwada Castle , we can see this school more above.

The size of both 3D models and the foundation of a Castle tower.

The height of castles is different.
Now , what the width and the vertical width about?
We will look both castles from underneath.
The castle tower is made on "Tensyudai"(=the foundation of a Castle tower).
Tensyudai is made of rock and soil.
The foundation of a Castle tower is not made in our 3D models , but is important because it decides the width and the vertical width.
In fact , the stone wall of Kishiwada Castle is unspoiled , and the foundation of a Castle tower is also unspoiled.(Part of the stone wall is repaired.)
So , the width and the vertical width of Kishiwada Castle is nearly the same.
↑The foundation of a Castle. The old castle was burned , the foundation of a Castle tower has continued the rest and supporting current Kishiwada Castle.

Gable which is decorate castles

Almost Japanese castles have "Hahu".
↑Hahu is surrounded red circle.
There are many types of Hahu. Among them, especially ‘’Chidorihahu’’ is used in castles.
Chidorihahu is triangle and be installed on roof.
There are many Chidorihahu at old Kishiwada Castle.
Also There are ‘’Karahahu’’ and ‘’Hiyoku Chidorihahu’’ (side-by-side two Chidorihahu) at current Kishiwada Castle.
But, we desided there are’nt these Hahu by documents we examined.
↑Karahahu and Chidorihahu. There were some documents be written and drown like these. Perhaps, it was mounted when the Kishiwada castle was renovated.

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