A result and the prospects

result of output

画像 画像
画像 画像
画像 画像
The Kishiwada Castle which we output with 3Dprinter this time is the upper image.
The measurements is 5cm in length, 5cm in width,7.5cm in height, a one-460th of the real size,
so tiny but it is reproduced carefully in detail.

Summary of this activity.

Through the research activity of approximately one year,
we learned various histories or structures about Kishiwada Castle that we own didn’t know at all.
This activity whose purpose is to reproduce old Kishiwada Castle with 3Dprinter, which we found impossible,
was able to be proceeded with many devices.

The way of the future manufacturing

Manufacturing comes to be felt in our closeness by using a new production technology such as 3D printers,
and we think that it may have big influence for the way of the future manufacturing.
It is expected that this technique will help various manufacturing in future if I have a talk limited to 3D printer.
One example is medical care-related thing as precision machine tool,
for instance it will greatly play an active part to make the model of the organ or an artificial bone.
The other is the wide unspecified number of human being can make each idea to have substance easily.
A lot of problems stay about the technique of these manufacturing,
but I steal out of the present conditions that Europe and America majors in if this technique develops,
and it is thought that it is for the mind bet that one step of Japan steps forward.
As a future problem, we can point out primarily, development of the techniques itself such as a device, software, materials,
second, upbringing of the human resource which you were able to treat of 3D data,
the environment maintenance that the manufacturing has those talented people freely more,
finally, the increase in company which can be equivalent to the possibility of this technique.

Good use of 3D printer example

In the medical field "preoperation examination model ," in the field of building "a building model ",
in the field of education “tools of the manufacturing education” and so on, the 3D printer is utilized in various fields.
Particularly, Yahoo Japan Corporation of the search site administration company develops the machine called
"the search machine to be able to touch" on the education side.
This machine searches 3D data from a keyword by voice inputting from the database and form a three-dimensional thing with 3D printer,
which was installed in the sight special support school attached to Tsukuba University experimentally.
The data accumulated early are 110 kinds and when the thing along the keyword is not found,
I raise the deficit on a net, and organization collecting data is incorporated.
With the project end of March, 2014, the "search application to be able to be involved" in was open-sourced
and 140 points of 3D data that the company held a right were shown in overseas 3D data FTP site.

The prospects of the project

The prospects of the future project are to make the 3D model that was particular about size bigger than the 3D model that I made this time in detail.
The model that I made this time deletes some careful decoration concerning the dimensions in the printout.
So, when I print it out on the next time, we want to make it in the big model that I elaborated in detail.

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